1W Stereo FM Transmitter

VLPFM-1 1W Low Power FM Transmitter

The VLPFM-1 is supplied as a stereo version as standard. The stereo encoder includes audio limiter.

The VLPFM-1 is supplied with built-in mains power supply. External +24V D.C. supply facility available.

The VLPFM-1 is packaged into an indoor wall mount case for ease of installation in any location without the need of a 19” rack or other electronic housing.


  • Superior audio performance
  • Stereo Encoder Included
  • Wall Mount Configuration for easy indoor installation
  • A.C. 230 / 115V and D.C. (+24V) operation
  • RF Monitor O/P
  • No cooling Required
  • Mono Filter Optional
  • To view VLPFM-1 Specifications

For Product Specifications, please download the PDF Brochure

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