EX-50LD 50W VHF FM transmitter

50W FM Stereo Transmitter - EX-50LD

The unit provides exceptional stereo audio performance with an R.F. output in excess of 50W. The EX-50LD includes a digital display for metered parameters and unique VU meters for modulation monitoring. This is achieved by an integrated “stereo decoder”. (This eliminates the need for program interface metering). The EX-50LD includes an agile PLL synthesizer with local and remote frequency control making it suitable for N+1 operation. The EX-50LD has an optional digital “stereo encoder” which includes an integrated audio limiter. The audio inputs utilize professional balanced line XLR's. The EX-50LD includes a wideband composite input and an auxiliary input for RDS/SCA. Optional RDS Encoder


  • Stereo decoded audio signal VU meter (L & R)

  • Integrated Stereo Encoder and audio limiter (option 1)

  • Wideband (MPX), SCA / RDS auxiliary I/P (standard)

  • Compact 2U lightweight, rack mount, convection cooled

  • A.C. 230 / 115V and D.C. (+24V) operation

  • Wideband operation (100kHz baseband)

  • Digital display for Metered Parameters

For Product Specifications, please download the PDF Brochure

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