UHF Studio-to-Transmitter link with a UHF translator option

Maple Leaf RF Systems appointed USA distributor
October 27, 2016

The frequency range in bands of 20MHz from 200MHz to 950MHz and RF output power from 5W to 15W standard, (20W as an option).The UHF link operation must be line-of-sight between the Studio antenna and the Transmitter sites UHF receive antenna. Unfortunately this is not always the case. BSE has the ideal solution to ’Bend’ the signal around terrain obstructions by using the FMT-25 UHF to UHF MPX translator. This application will use two UHF link frequencies that can be minimum of 400kHz apart.








Further to this product BSE offers the FMT-50 to FMT-500 range of UHF to FM translators, consisting of an FM translator with UHF receiver front-end, all in one box. The FMT range is supplied in FM RF output powers of 50W, 100W, 250W and 500W translators, all-in-one box.

The FMT product range is also offered as an FM to FM translator all-in-one box at the same RF output powers as above.

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