VHF FM Translators

FMT25-500 FM Translators

The FMT-xxx  range of FM Translators features a unique VHF, FM Stereo Translator product that provides the professional broadcaster with a flexible range of Rx/Tx options and excellent specifications, for program re-broadcasting off-air. The product also has the option of operating as a UHF to UHF translator or VHF to UHF translator providing a very flexible or VHF/UHF program linking solution all in a 2U rack mount unit.

The FMT range of products provides various VHF RF output powers in the FM band for re-broadcasting solutions such as the following.

  • FMT-25  25W FM to FM Translator
  • FMT-50  50W FM to FM Translator 
  • FMT-100 100W FM to FM translator
  • FMT-250 250W FM to FM Translator
  • FMT-500 500W FM to FM Translator
  • FMT-U15  5-15W UHF Translator    

The FMT Range of Products also offers options for VHF / UHF program linking with receiver options from 200-950MHz as follows:

  • VHF / UHF receiver option a to for FMT-25, FMT-50, FMT-100, FMT-250 and FMT-500
  • VHF to VHF or UHF to UHF translators are also configurable for Transmission of VHF or UHF link frequencies in the RF power range from 5W to 15W.
  • The Standard product is utilized as a VHF FM translator, receiving the program on one FM Frequency and re-broadcasting on another VHF FM Frequency in the RF Power output ranges of 25W, 50W, 100W, 250W or 500W, by configuring different Power supplies and amplifies modules in the model variations.
  • The FMT-25 to 500 can also receive a program on a VHF or UHF Link frequency (200-470 or 800-950MHz) and re-transmit on a FM VHF Frequency (88-108MHz). This application provides a solution for “On frequency VHF gap filling” by receiving the program on a UHF frequency and re-broadcasting on VHF FM and could completely eliminate the need for a 2ND Frequency licence

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