4kW FM Transmitter – BSE4K-LD2

The BSE4K-LD2 utilizes ‘State-of-the-Art’ LDMOS technology that provides outstanding efficiency and reliability. The BSE4K-LD2 is based on two AL4-2000LD RF Amplifiers each capable of delivering in excess of 2kW. Each amplifier has a built-in SMPS rated at 3kW with PFC control and efficiencies of > 90%. The exciter/driver for the transmitter is the EX-12D 12W FM Exciter with built-in stereo encoder. An optional ESU-1 switching unit and EX-12D can be used when dual exciter configuration is required and provides automatic switching to the standby exciter. The BSE4K-LD2 utilizes a wideband, 2 way RF Combiner, model SC4 2 way. This unit includes the output coupler and circuitry for
forward and reflected power measurements. Mains supply single phase 230V or 3 phase 220V between phases and neutral spread across the various modules.

  • Digital Meter display (for accurate power measurement)
  • Excellent stereo audio performance
  • Single or Dual exciter operation (dual is optional)
  • LDMOS RF Mosfet technology
  • Built-in transient suppression module (optional)
  • W/B and RDS/SCA auxiliary I/P (standard)
  • Built-in forced air cooling system
  • Operation into cavity input or star point combiner
  • VSWR Fold-back and retry for maximum operational availability.

For Product Specifications, please download the PDF Brochure

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