Stereo Audio Monitor Amplifier

The AMA-2 Audio amplifier unit is a compact unit requiring only 2U Rack space. The 19″ Rack mount unit is designed primarily for use in audio program monitoring in VHF/UHF FM Stereo Broadcasting and Studio interface applications. The AMA-2 provides quality, compact and versatile solution for VHF FM Monitoring and distribution as a 2U 19 inch rack-mount unit that forms part of a VHF FM audio monitoring system with Left and Right (XLR) balanced inputs and internal loudspeakers. The unit can be operated via a/c mains or optional +24V dc battery (normally for use with solar panels).  The AMA-2 can also be used as a 2U 19 inch rack-mount unit in a small studio application using internal or external (optional) loudspeakers. The unit provides Led indicators for Left and Right audio inputs, which illuminate when audio inputs are present, even when the output level controls are fully anti-clockwise. Once the input level indicators are active, the Left and Right level controls can be adjusted individually to a suitable listening level and the VU meters will indicate the output level to allow level monitoring and balancing.

  • 19″ Rack mounted unit (2U).
  • XLR (balanced) stereo inputs (Left and Right).
  • Internal Loudspeakers (8 ohm) for Left and Right audio.
  • Separate level adjustment for Left and Right program on Front panel
  • Audio input active indicators on Front panel.
  • Audio output VU meters for Level monitoring.
  • Optional external Loudspeaker terminals for 4 ohm or 8 ohm loudspeakers.

For Product Specifications, please download the PDF Brochure

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