The BSE2K-LD1 is a compact solid state 2kW VHF FM stereo Transmitter, providing exceptional RF and audio performance with an R.F. output in excess of 2kW. Designed for the range 2kW RF output Power. The BSE2K-LD1 utilizes proven technology with the EX1-12D 12W stereo exciter, AL4-2000LD RF amplifier with dual built-in power supply units. The BSE2K-LD1 is based on a single AL4-2000LD RF Amplifier. The
An optional ESU-1 switching unit and EX1-12D exciter are used when a dual exciter configuration is required and provides automatic switching to the standby exciter.

  • Digital Meter display (for accurate power measurement)
  • Excellent stereo audio performance
  • Single or Dual exciter operation (dual is optional)
  • LDMOS RF Amplifier technology
  • Built-in transient suppression module (optional)
  • W/B and RDS/SCA auxiliary I/P (standard)
  • Built-in forced air cooling system
  • Operation into cavity input or star point combiner
  • VSWR Fold-back and retry for maximum operational availability.

Can be supplied as modules Only.

For Product Specifications, please download the PDF Brochure

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