The EX-2k-LD solid state VHF FM Transmitter is a compact 3U, versatile and economical unit with an R.F. output in excess of 2kW, utilizing 2 x  MRF1K5OH 1500W LDMOS amplifiers, combined to provide 2kW O/P, with enough ‘head-room’ for high reliability in extreme temperature and VSWR conditions. The EX-2k-LD transmitter offers overall efficiency of greater than 76%, which translates to lower heat dissipation and therefore the higher the reliability.

The EX-2k-LD includes a LED digital display showing the main parameters of the transmitter, to improve on-site monitoring, and studio style Left and Right VU meters for indication of the transmitted audio modulation levels, achieved by use of an integrated “stereo decoder”. The 2kW Transmitter can be enhanced with an option for remote IP monitoring via Ethernet.

The EX-2k-LD includes an agile PLL synthesizer with local and remote frequency control making it suitable for 1+1 and N+1 operation.

The EX-2k-LD has an optional digital “stereo encoder” which includes an integrated audio limiter (supplied as Option 1). The audio inputs utilize professional balanced line XLR's.

The EX-2k-LD includes a wideband composite input and auxiliary input for RDS/SCA, both with external rear panel adjustment, Internal RDS encoder factory Programmed (Option 2) .

  • RF amplifier utilizing 2 x 1500W highly efficient, LDMOS devices
  • Modulation Monitoring with studio style L & R VU meters
  • Integrated Stereo Encoder and audio limiter (option 1)
  • Wideband (MPX), SCA / RDS auxiliary I/P (standard)
  • 3U rack mount lightweight (15kg), Forced air cooled, front intake to rear exhaust.
  • A.C. 90-264V operation with power factor correction.
  • Internal RDS (option 2)
  • IP SNMP or GSM monitoring external Interface (option 3)

Can be supplied as modules Only.

For Product Specifications, please download the PDF Brochure

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