Stereo Audio Distribution Controller 3 Way

The BTADC1 Audio Distribution Controller forms a means of buffering and distributing stereo audio signals to other FM Broadcast transmitter equipment. The unit is housed in a 19-inch rack mount case occupying only a 1U space. The BTADC1 Audio Distribution Controller offers a standard specification, well above the requirements of major broadcasters in the world. This level of performance is only found in the very best equipment the market has to offer. The BTADC1 Audio Distribution Controller provides stereo audio distribution of 2 stereo audio (L & R) inputs (main and standby) to three stereo audio outputs. Control logic is included to switch the input from the main stereo audio input to the backup stereo input, which switches on silence sense detection on the main input. The silence sense audio input level detection and the time duration for switching function to occur can be set internal to meet the users requirement. The BTADC1 includes telemetry for controlling the changeover remotely and also for remote monitoring. This function is useful for remote reporting of input audio failure.

  • 19? Rack mounted unit (1U).
  • XLR (balanced) stereo inputs and outputs (Left and Right).
  • Remote/Internal channel selection (standard).
  • Auto changeover from main to standby input on silence sense
  • Remote telemetry with voltage free contacts (standard).
  • Silence sense indicators on Front panel.

For Product Specifications, please download the PDF Brochure

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