Antenna Mounting Hardware

BSE offers a unique antenna mounting system that can be used for FM dipoles and can also be used for single antenna mounts, like UHF or FM receive antenna etc.
The system includes a mast mount bracket that can cater for any mast leg of size 40mm to 120mm whether it is and Angle iron or round leg.  Normally for an FM dipole array, 2 dipoles are mounted onto a 3 metre pole which has a mast bracket with extension pole and 90 degree coupler bracket at the top and the bottom of the 3 metre pole.
For sloped masts, the 3 meter pole is kept vertical and the mast brackets are adjusted for the mast leg slope angle and can be moved around to avoid cross over beam obstructions etc.
For 4 stack dipole arrays, two sets of dipole mounting brackets and poles will be used. For 6 stack arrays, 3 sets of mounting brackets and poles will be used.
Please contact BSE for pricing and configuration details.

For Product Specifications, please download the PDF Brochure

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