950MHz STL 5W

Tn6 Road Tunnel Re-broadcast System
August 17, 2011
100W Linear Amplifier for road tunnel Re-broadcast applications
April 29, 2014

The Receiver RX1-RBR MKII provides a stereo L& R Output and MPX of Composite output. Both Transmitter and Receiver are frequency agile.

The UHF link system is complemented by the TL1-U/V unit that can provide an STL  Translator on 950MHz that can be used to link between the studio and the transmitter site in the case of the transmitter site not being line-of-sight to the studio. This unit can receive a UHF signal in the 950MHz band and translator to another frequency > or < than 950MHz.

Refer to transmitter link (stl) for more information