100W Linear Amplifier for road tunnel Re-broadcast applications

950MHz STL 5W
October 4, 2011
Supply of FM Transmitter’s to Sentech
November 27, 2014

The LA-100LD is an amplifier based on four LDMOS amplifier stages combined to provide a high efficient Class C amplifier with and low inter-modulation response, in the order of -50dBm.
The LA-100LD is used in combination with the TL1-6T six channel FM translator. TL1-6T can be combined to provide up to 30 FM Channels into a tunnel or multiple tunnels with audio break-in facility for emergency announcements.
With the use of the LA-100LD 100W amplifier, fewer repeater amplifiers will be required in the radiating cable chain and thus reducing cost of the complete in-tunnel FM Radio re-broadcast system.

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