BSE launches new universal VHF FM / UHF translator

BSE launches new self contained 1kW VHF RF amplifier
February 8, 2010
BSE supplies FM Transmitters to PNG
February 8, 2010

The TL1-U/V is a unique UHF/VHF, FM Stereo “Translator” product that provides the professional broadcaster with a flexible range of Rx/Tx options, rebroadcasting on FM or Stereo Audio on UHF lnk Frequencies, coupled with excellent RF and Audio specifications, all in a 1U rack mount unit.

The TL1-U/V can provide numerous FM stereo audio re-broadcasting solutions such as:
1) VHF FM (Receive) to VHF FM (Transmit) re-broadcast. O/P Power 25W or 50W.
2) VHF FM (Receive) to UHF 300-960 MHz (Transmit) Link re-broadcast O/P Power 5W to 15W.
3) UHF 300-960 MHz (Receive) to UHF 300-960 MHz (Transmit) Link re-broadcast.
4) UHF 300-960 MHz (Receive) to VHF FM (Transmit) re-broadcast, O/P Power 25W or 50W.
5) AM [Mono] (Receive) to VHF FM (Transmit) re-broadcast, O/P Power 25W or 50W

This unique product provides a solution for “On frequency VHF FM gap filling” via a VHF FM (Receive) to UHF (Transmit) unit, and a UHF (Receive) to VHF FM (Transmit) unit, where the two VHF FM frequencies are the same. This completely eliminates the problems of Rx/Tx antenna coupling and can even eliminate the need for a second VHF FM broadcast license.

A multiple UHF  “STL” hop solution can also be implemented if the Studio and Transmitter sites are not in “Line-of-sight”.

For More information, contact BSE at email Or view TL1-U/V .